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Reference brand in professional hair care, which manages to cure your hair, thanks to the biotechnology of Protein Active M28

M28 Protein Active

Our technology sets us apart

Super repairing and conditioning active ingredient that seals the cuticle and protects the bonds. Unique composition of active ingredients to restore hair strength, working at a molecular level, and creating new bonds to combat hair damage. Achieving a long-lasting intensive repairing effect. Repairing and nourishing the hair fiber in damaged hair.



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dermatologically tested

Without parabens

No sulfates

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"The hair gummies that promise to make hair grow faster (and prettier)"

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"Naty Abascal or Claudia Shiffer , through Noor de Jordania or Mar Flores have trusted in their hands"

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"The 'clandestine' treatment that leaves your hair better than a mermaid. It hydrates your hair and leaves it beautiful"

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"The best treatments for brides who want to take care of themselves inside and out"

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Moncho Moreno's magic brush massages the hair and scalp, both wet and dry, without damaging it."

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"Moncho Moreno , the stylist par excellence of many personalities both in our country and abroad, opens his salon to tell us about his universe"

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"The secret to healthy hair, with volume and shine is a brush that detangles without splitting the ends"

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