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Hair Health

As a general rule, we always refer to the health of the scalp, but we must not forget the health of our hair fiber, which has the function of protecting us but, even more important, of looking healthy and cared for.

Therefore, reinforcing the hair fiber is one of the main tips to prevent hair loss and keep it resistant to frictional forces and prevent structural damage or breakage that would reveal brittle, dull hair, with split ends and frizzy hair. .

Active Protein M28

Plant-based complex based on multifaceted proteins that acts on the hair cuticle, stopping the structural breakage of the hair, hydrating it and protecting it from flaking and dryness.

Its composition allows it to penetrate the hair shaft to increase the moisture content and plasticity of the hair and coats it to lubricate and reinforce the cuticle, protecting its surface. These properties combine to help reduce the degree of damage to hair due to chemical treatments, environmental stress or styling practices.

A conditioner containing M28 Protein Active offers three times greater strengthening or anti-breakage compared to the same conditioner without active ingredient .

Bleached hair treated with Active Protein Conditioner M28 is 175% stronger.

The ability to prolong the wear time until breakage by 36% only with the application of the shampoo with ActivoProteico M28 versus the application without active ingredient.

Consumers who evaluated the strands of the shampoo with and without Protein Active M28 , without knowing which one of them was, 91% of the people surveyed chose the option with Protein Active M28 .

Amino Acid Cocktail

Cocktail of amino acids of natural origin that offers a new technology for hair care. They interact with the hair to produce effects such as hydration, strengthening of the structure, color protection and repair of damage to the surface.

It is developed to mimic the natural hydration factor (NMF) present in the hair cell membrane complex:

  • PCA: usual moisturizer of our natural dermal hydration factor.
  • Arginine: moisturizing, creates synergy and enhances the effect of PCA.
  • Mixture of amino acids: provides elasticity and resistance.
  • Sodium Lactate: balances the pH level.

Panthenol: Provitamin B5

In addition to moisturizing, repairing and strengthening damaged hair, it provides an additional benefit by improving scalp health.

Not only does it hydrate, but it has the ability to moisturize the hair, allowing for smooth styling. Helps get rid of tangles without damaging hair, reducing split ends.

Lactic acid

Strengthens the hair fiber and helps seal the cuticle, improving hair resistance and maximizing shine. With moisturizing, exfoliating and antibacterial properties.

Solar filter

It is composed of UV-B absorbers, which defends the hair against the ravages of ultraviolet radiation.

Prevents color fading, as well as helps protect and reduce damage from daily drying and brushing, enhancing hair shine.

Sealing film M28

Conditioning agent that restores hair over a long period of time (up to 1 washes), while protecting it from exposures such as chemicals, sunlight and humidity.

  • It is heat activated to help keep hair straight for longer.
  • Provides long-lasting effects that last after several washes (up to 10 washes).
  • Protects hair from heat.
  • Offers superior conditioning.
  • Restores the hydrophobicity of the hair.
  • Provides anti-frizz effects.

A protocol was carried out using SEM Imaging to evaluate its thermo-activated effect by heat. The images show the repair achieved at the cuticular level, which will result in softer, shinier and more protected hair.

Thermal Shield (thermal shield 180ºC)

The active ingredient developed for this product presents extra protection compared to the usual conditioners used in hair cosmetics. Thermal protection is essential for hair health, since it is primarily responsible for the damage caused to the hair fiber.