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Moncho Moreno treatments start from a base but are completely personalized , since no two hairs are the same.

What starts as a shock treatment for hair should be adopted as a hair beauty routine .

" The Sweet Treatment .. It consists of an organic treatment based on hyaluronic acid and collagen. that helps shape the hair"


"Moncho Moreno differs from the rest for having exclusivity. The 'Clandestino plus' is a star treatment"


" Monplex treatment that rebuilds the hair thanks to a bond multiplier system that restores strength to the hair"


Clandestino - Rejuvenate your hair

The treatment that restores youth to your hair. This treatment enters the interior of the hair and manages to modify it. Its masterful formula opens doors and works the natural chemistry of our hair from the inside to improve and heal it. Never before has a formula been capable of treating several aspects at the same time. Result: loose, flexible, thickened and shiny hair.

Monplex - Antibreak

It's not magic, it's science. This treatment has a bond multiplier system that helps multiply the strength of your hair and reduces breakage. Provides body and volume and controls frizz. Especially recommended for very damaged hair due to the use of irons and dryers or very aggressive coloring. It can be used during coloring, protecting the hair during this process, since it nourishes with essential amino acids and seals the structure to guarantee a longer duration of the technical process, helping to preserve the color. Recommended for all types of hair.

Sweet - Magic straightening

This organic treatment based on hyaluronic acid and collagen, we manage to shape the hair according to its needs, achieving everything from total smoothing, curl relaxation to eliminating frizz. All this while maintaining the health of your hair. Indicated for all types of hair under professional recommendation.

Collagen - Provides shine and fills your hair

It is a collagen-based treatment, indicated for all types of hair. Nourishes and regenerates from the inside, restoring the flexibility that hair loses naturally due to daily deterioration. It is perfect for controlling frizz and facilitates styling without changing it.

Miracle - Eliminates frizz and maintains volume

An anti-frizz treatment that achieves: not changing hair color, soft hair, shiny and frizz-free, by closing the cuticle. Achieve healthier hair because it is a 70% natural treatment.

Differences with the sweet treatment: Changes the shape of natural hair. Treatment based on hyaluronic acid and collagen. It smoothes the hair and can change the color tone, thereby eliminating frizz.

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