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Thickening Cut with Japanese Scissors

In general, when we think about letting our hair grow and having super volume hair, we tend to fall into a loop in which we avoid “scissors” at all, especially if you have fine hair.

We resist even cutting the ends for fear that it will end in a change of look. But we are wrong, because there is a haircut that adds volume and thickens the tip without touching the length of your hair.

Discover the before and after

"There is a haircut that adds volume and thickens fine hair without touching the length of your hair"


"This Spanish hairdresser has the secret to leaving your hair long and avoiding split ends"


"The haircut that adds volume if you have it thin and that is barely noticeable. Everyone's dream "


"Only hair dust remains on the floor"

Moncho Moreno has created his own cutting technique to give volume: the thickening cut . "When a good gardener prunes a garden, it is said that flowers grow everywhere. The hair is still a filament and if a blade enters and cuts it in a specific way, the tip thickens. And that led to thousands of hair, manages to give the appearance of strong and thick hair".

"With this technique you do not have to touch the length of the hair. In fact, while they do it you will only see hair dust fall to the ground. Is a progressive technique" . It is recommended to do it once a month or a month and a half, before the hair is damaged and the ends open.

Also in our salons..

Dry cut - Dry cut

In the Moncho Moreno salons, all the officers cut the hair dry, so that it is easier to comb your hair, and to see the natural fall of your hair. Getting the perfect cut for each client.

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