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Pack to recover dehydrated, fine, dull hair, with frizz and open ends

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In this pack you will find our Gorgeous Hair shampoo (250ml, smart, ultra nourishing and hydrating), our One Minute Wonder mask (250ml, perfect for improving the look and health of your hair even when you don't have much time), our Bond J 'aime Bond (200 ml, hair repairer and protector) and our Shine On Me (100 ml, oil that provides shine and hydration).

Hair with dehydration, fine hair, dull, frizzy, split ends and lifeless.

Gorgeous and One Minute Wonder: Camellia japonica oil, the main ingredient, restores shine and elasticity to the hair, repairs damaged parts and protects in depth. Urban Pro Technology creates a protective film around the hair shaft that prevents the release of pigment and, therefore, achieves an anti-pollution and color protection effect.
Bond, J'aime Bond: Products with an anti-frizz effect that provide nutrition, strength and shine to your hair. The Bond acts as a sunscreen (FPS 20) and heat against irons, dryers and tongs. This rejuvenating elixir helps growth as it restructures the hair fiber and prevents it from breaking.
Shine On Me: Moisturizing oil that provides a spectacular shine to your hair, prevents split ends, repairs the cuticle, reduces frizz and protects from external agents. You will notice silky and hydrated hair.

Hair recovered and healthy. Intact color, shiny, silky and full-bodied.


€96,87 EUR Regular price €107,64 EUR

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How to use it

SAY GOODBYE TO: Dehydration, fine hair, dull, frizzy and split ends.

  • Apply Gorgeous Hair Shampoo to damp hair, massage and rinse thoroughly.
  • Then again on damp hair after washing it with Gorgeous Hair Shampoo apply the One Minute Wonder mask. Leave to act for 1 minute and rinse.
  • Followed by Bond conditioner, J'aime Bond (shake before use). Use dry or wet as a conditioner without rinsing, as a sunscreen (before and during sun exposure) or as a thermal protector (before using an iron and a hairdryer). Distribute evenly from lengths to ends and proceed to comb to ensure a full cast.
  • Finally, apply the Shine On Me serum in the size of a walnut on the mid-lengths and ends. Proceed to styling, as usual (you can use it on wet and dry hair).

Dermatologically Tested

Cruelty Free

Without parabens



Internal Action: thanks to its low molecular weight components, it penetrates more easily through the cuticle and forms new links between proteins that increase the resistance to breakage of the hair fiber.

External Action: seals the hair structure favoring hair protection.

SMART: Thanks to SMART technology, the product is capable of detecting where the problem is and acting where the hair needs it.

GLASSYSPHERE: Revolutionary encapsulation technology. Glassysphere is a microencapsulation technology that improves the bioavailability and long-lasting effect of the active complex. It fixes on the surface of the hair even after rinsing and, thanks to its gradual release technologies, Glassysphere improves the absorption and effectiveness of the active ingredients.

URBAN PRO: Active with anti-pollution properties. Creates a barrier between the hair and the external environment. Offering a coating protection around the hair fibers. When hair is protected from UV rays and pollution, the color is protected and shiny.

COLOR SAFE: Our innovative formula increases color life and maintains shine. In addition, it seals the cuticle preventing the release of pigment and avoiding color fading.